Coffee Selection Guide

We have grouped and tagged all our coffees to help you narrow down a selection, from which we recommend you try a few and decide for yourself which you like best.

From our main Shop menu, you can view and filter coffees by type, by strength or by what it's best For (e.g. Espresso-Based/Filter). The latter two groupings are intrinsically linked, as generally a stronger coffee is better suited to an espresso-based drink, whereas a milder coffee lends itself more to a filter style brewing method.

As you navigate through the Shop, you can select additional filters to futher drill down to the coffee which will suit you best.

Grind Options

Once you have chosen your coffee, you need to pick the most suitable grind option, which depends on which brewing device you have. See below for our range of grind options.


If you have an espresso machine, select the 'Espresso' grind option.


If you use an AeroPress, select either of the two 'AeroPress' grind options (if you prefer a stronger coffee, you may prefer the fine option instead of the coarse option).

French Press (Cafetière)

We also have a grind ideal for the French Press (Cafetière).

Pour Over/Drip (Filter)

If you brew using a pour over/drip method (e.g. V60), then select the 'Pour Over/Drip (Filter)' grind option.

Moka Pot (Percolator)

If you use a Moka Pot (percolator), select the 'Espresso' grind option.

Whole Beans

If you have your own grinder, or use a bean-to-cup machine, you can also choose 'Whole Beans'.


If you have a pod machine, then for a more sustainable option, you can buy a re-usable pod (see this example - note it is not compatible with every pod machine), then select our 'Espresso' grind to use to refill it.

Not sure?

If you're unsure which grind is best for you, then feel free to get in touch.