When will my coffee have been roasted?

The vast majority of our coffee is roasted within the 24 hours before dispatch. In some cases, this can extend up to 72 hours, for example if the coffee was roasted on a Friday but not dispatched until the following Monday.

Which days do you ship?

Our roastery only fulfills orders Monday - Friday. This means if you place an order on a Saturday or Sunday, your order will not be fulfilled until the Monday (or the Tuesday in exceptional circumstances).

How is the coffee packaged?

We pack your coffee in a 100% recyclable brown paper bag, with a recyclable paper label. This is then placed in a recyclable cardboard box, which we pack with recyclable shredded paper. We even use paper tape (no plastic here!) to seal the box. For larger bags, we also use the paper tape to seal the bag. For smaller bags, we use the label to seal the bag.

Where are your tasting notes?

We have very short and simple tasting notes on the individual coffee pages. We don't like to issue complex, flowery, poetic descriptions of coffee because it is subjective and rather meaningless to the average coffee drinker. Instead, we focus on the objective features of each coffee such as the origin of the beans, and the strength (which is determined mostly by the roasting temperature). You will find this information at the bottom of each individual product page. We have grouped our coffees into categories to help you narrow down a selection, from which we recommend you try a few and decide for yourself which you like best.

Will the quality of the coffee diminish from being transported in a paper bag?

In short - yes, but it will be insignificant and unnoticeable to the average coffee drinker.

Your freshly roasted coffee beans will naturally give off Carbon Dioxide which was built up during the roasting process. The ideal packaging for transporting and storing coffee beans is an air-tight container which will prevent any air from getting in, but will allow the Carbon Dioxide out. This is why many companies use pouches which incorporate a one-way plastic valve. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find a suitable, financially-feasible, truly eco-friendly version. This is why we deliver our coffee in paper bags. We tape the bags up, but cannot seal them completely because the Carbon Dioxide gas would build up and could theoretically cause the bag to explode. Therefore, there will be a small amount of air which is able to get into the bag, which is undesirable if you are looking for optimal quality coffee. However, the coffee is only in the bag during delivery, which is a maximum of 48 hours (or 24 if you use the next-day DPD service). As soon as you receive your coffee, you will be transferring it to a proper air-tight container (learn more). We believe that the potential negative effect on the coffee is very small, and unnoticable to the average coffee drinker. At Better Brew, we are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to improve this, but for now we believe the benefit from removing thousands of pouches from the coffee industry outweighs any potential negative effect on the coffee. However, if you are a true coffee fanatic, you may prefer to find another supplier.

How should I store my coffee?

When you receive your order, simply transfer your coffee to a re-usable air-tight container, and enjoy! Click here to learn more about how to store your coffee.

Is your coffee Fairtrade?

No - Better Brew coffee is not Fairtrade certified. Unfortunately, this certification often does not truly benefit the people for whom it was originally set-up. You will find a lot of other coffee sellers who also do not sell Fairtrade certified coffee, but instead prefer to build long-lasting, direct relationships with their coffee bean farmers, like our supplier has done since 1879. We will continue to monitor the situation and research options, but at the moment, switching to a supplier offering a Fairtrade certification will inflate our costs to a point which would likely make our prices unattractive to customers and therefore our company model would be unsustainable. Therefore, our approach now is to continue offering coffee in eco-friendly packaging, with suppliers with whom we have built relationships, and strive for continual improvement over time, as it becomes feasible to do so.