Bean to cup, plastic-free

Hessian Sacks

The beans arrive at the roastery in hessian (also known as Jute) sacks. After using them, we sell them on to be re-used or up-cycled.


After roasting, we store our beans in bulk re-usable sealed foil bags.


From the bulk foil bags (above), we weigh out your order and pack in a 100% recyclable brown paper bag, with a recyclable paper label. This is then placed in a recyclable cardboard box, which we pack with recyclable shredded paper. We even use paper tape (no plastic here!) to seal the box. For larger bags, we also use the paper tape to seal the bag. For smaller bags, we use the label to seal the bag.

Over to you!

When you receive your order, we advise you to transfer your coffee from the paper bag into your own re-usable air-tight container, to help keep the beans at their best. Click here to learn more about how to store your coffee.