Storing Your Coffee

There are many different ways of storing your coffee. Most good air-tight containers will be sufficient and should suit the average coffee drinker. However, there are some higher-end storage solutions designed specifically for storing coffee, which use methods such as displacement or vacuums to reduce the amount of air in the container, which may otherwise diminish the quality of the beans. Below we summarise your best options.

Storage Options


These are the most basic containers but will probably be sufficient for the majority of people, especially if you aren't storing your coffee for a very long time and as long as you use a good, solid, genuinely air-tight container. This obviously doesn't remove the air from inside the container, but it should stop air flowing in or out. Here is an example, available on


Displacement containers work by pushing air out of the container before creating the air-tight seal. With less air in the container, there should be less negative effect on the quality of the coffee. However, there will still be some air remaining in the container. Here is an example, available on 


These containers are likely to be the most expensive because the technology is the most complex. Air is pulled out of the container in an attempt to create a vacuum inside, so there is theoretically no air at all to spoil the coffee. There are several different brands and some are likely to be more effective than others. Here is an example of one available on amazon, available in both a small option and a large version.